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Does anyone else have experience with very slow shapewrite functionality in MATLAB later than 2012b

Asked by Martin Stjernman on 11 Apr 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Sawyer on 22 Aug 2014

Dear all,

I have run into trouble when using shapewrite on newer versions of MATLAB (2013a and 2014a). I'm creating shapefiles (sometimes pretty large >1e6 shapes) using the shapewrite function in MATLAB. When I used MATLAB 2012b a shapefile could take approx. 500 seconds to create but when I run the exact same script using MATLAB 2013a the same file took 81 000 sec. to create!! Does anyone have any similar experiences or any idea of what is going on? I'm afraid I haven't as yet made any reproducible example of this but if required I could try to do so (I'm not completely fluent in MATLAB yet).

Best wishes



Rangley on 18 Aug 2014

I just came across the same problem. I am running shapewrite to create GIS files for some model output. Using r2014a for one set of model output took 2 days to generate 116 shape files. I actually downloaded the parallel computing toolbox to try and speed up the process which it did, considerably. But just this morning my supervisor and I found that when we ran the exact same code with matlab r2012b it only took a hour to generate the same 116 files using only 1 processor.

I am unsure about the what is going as well (maybe a bug), but thought I'd let you know others are having similar issues.

Have you put in any kind of service request or comment to Matlab about this?

Anna Weeks on 18 Aug 2014

We have had the same problem - takes days to write a large shapefile

Sawyer on 22 Aug 2014

Running into the same issue with shapewrite for r2013b and r2014a. Very slow to write from geopoint.

Martin Stjernman


0 Answers

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